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Responsive Web Development Service

At eMARKETER.LK we provide services that involve website development to our clients. We have a dedicated team of employees made up of software engineers, graphic designers who work day and night to provide some of the best kind of web development services that you can get in the world. Due to the current technological advancements, there has been a steady rise of web users due to the use of mobile phones in access the internet. This has led to us undertaking of not just web development but also responsive web development by our team whereby we develop websites and applications that can be accessed by any technological device that a web user can use or has.

We use CSS to make sure that the kind of content placed in the websites we create can be viewed across all hardware platforms from mobile phones to desktop computers. The kind of websites and applications we develop have a liquid layout meaning we make sure that the websites and applications we develop have defined container widths that enable them to expand and contract as the browser window increases. This means that the kinds of web products we produce are flexible enough to be viewed on any online accessing device that a web user decides to use.

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