Digital marketing is all about using internet channels to market services and products by business owners from all over the world. The digital marketing enterprise has evolved over the years since its inception with the coming of computers and the internet. In 2015 the digital marketing industry is bound to evolve in its own unique way since change is inevitable. This is due to the following;

The emergence of mobile video ads:

This is a real game changer for most digital marketing agencies since it will mean that they have to use channels that can be accessed by mobile phones preferably creating mobile applications for their business clients that will allow their customers to not only enjoy services and products they have but will also enable the business owners advertise their products through video ads that can be watched before or after customers purchase or view products and services offered online through the use of mobile applications.

Print media will make a comeback:

Digital marketing agencies will have to embrace 3D technology in order to create print media ads for their business clients or partners. This can be done through the acquisition of 3D printers whereby pictures taken for print media ads can be made lifelike and more attractive to potential customers who may not necessarily be able to access the internet at a particular time.

Gamification of digital marketing channels:

Channels used by digital marketing agencies online like social media platforms and blogs will have to undergo gamification. This is whereby the digital marketing agencies introduce games on their business clients or partners blogs and social platforms so that potential customers can play in order to win gifts and prizes all in an effort to market the business organization and the kind of services and products it sells.

New gadgets invented to be utilized in facilitating marketing:

With technological heavy weights like Apple having come up with innovative gadgets like the apple watch which are wearable by people who have them, digital marketing agencies will have to utilize the availability of such gadgets fully. This they can do by developing applications that can be made accessible in these gadgets that will enable them to run ads for business organizations whenever owners of such gadgets use them.

Communication budgets will increase:

This is due to the technological advancements made and new applications created. Digital marketing agencies will have to seek the necessary capital in order to tap into these new technological ventures and online social media  platforms in order to facilitate their marketing activities.


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